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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 9, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good morning, everyone, just about 4:30 this wednesday, december 9, i am julie grauert. >> daniel: i am daniel miller >> daniel: i am daniel miller. clouds to start the day but forecast -- forecast 25 -- fox25 stormtracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski timing out when we will see the sun and a big change in temperatures this week. good morning, >> sarah: sarah good morning, daniel. yes, i will be forecasting the sunshine returning but will take a while. today we will see few splashes of sunshine and clouds sticking around despite the storm system that brought rain to the south east to the south east. it is now pushed away. high pressure building on in. a dry day and one that will see some clouds from time to time. a cold one to start too in rindge, new hampshire at the freezing mark. 32 degrees. boylston, 35 right now. even in the city of boston, we are back into the 30s. 37. we are looking at 35 in lexington. 34 in mansfield. down across the south and cape and islands, upper 30s to low 40s. in the upper 30s on the vineyard this morning.
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as temperatures -- well, no, they are not 52 they are not 52. they are in the 30s and 40s. cloudy, but we are talking about dry conditions. by this afternoon, sure, we will be climbing into the low to middle 40s. upper 40s this afternoon and some locations with a few breaks of sunshine. and by this evening. sunset 4:11. we are going to notice those clouds thickening up further clouds thickening up furthermore. the risk of showers moves on in. coming up we will take you through a timeline when to expect the rain and the warm-up. a check of your traffic with julie grauert mroup things going. >> julie: sarah, looking good >> julie: sarah, looking good. ramps from the logan arrival and departure levels to the tunnel westbound are closed for another half hour until 5 a.m. that is why that section of the map is purple. moving out, bright green. 93 south route 1 looks good and zakim bridge is open. 24 minutes on pike from 495 to mass ave.
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the pike. 22 minutes from peabody to the weston tolls. we begin with breaking news this morning in the south inland. one person is rushed to the hospital after being shot twice in the chest. our crew at the scene says this happened just before 2:00 this morning at rutland square tremont. the victim taken to boston medical center but so far no word on that person's condition. breaking international news this morning. french officials have identify french officials have identified a third gunman involved in the attack in paris. the official will not reveal the attacker's name and took a trip to france. he was one of three gunmen that stormed a music venue. all three were killed. two by a suicide vest and one was shot by police. they were all from europe and native and french speaks. 132 people died in the attack. a pregnant mother and
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up but okay following a frightening home invasion >> the girl called police while burglars tied her mom up. live in quincy where one man involved is still on the run, jess. >> reporter: julie, this is an absolutely terrifying situation for that mother and her daughter. they were home inside their house here on president's lane in quincy when two men broke into a back basement door. one of the suspects we know is due in court this morning, but the other is still out there right now. take a look skyfox video from the scene right after police showed up here. the daughter hid in an upstairs bathroom and called police from there. when came out found her mother who is 6 month' pregnant tied up on the first floor. police caught up with one of the suspects kevin murphy the suspects kevin murphy as he tried to run from the scene. they tracked down a handgun invasion. fox25 obtained that chilling 911 call that daughter made
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>> can you hear them or see them? >> i can hear them. >> she can hear them. she is hiding. where are you hiding. >> in the room, i locked the door. >> you locked the door. >> please hurry, i think they are hurting her. >> do you know how many -- can you hear how many are there. >> two -- two to three. >> two to three people. >> reporter: that suspect police caught up with kevin murphy is due in court, and police do continue to investigate and search for that second suspect this morning. as for the victims, they know they are still at a local hospital this morning and coming up in the 6:00 hour we are hearing from the husband victims. we are live in quincy this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. it is now 4:34. this morning health inspectors say they now know what made dozens of boston college students sick and does trace back to a local restaurant. fox25 is live in cleveland circle this morning where that restaurant is still closed, michael. >> reporter: julie, public
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believe that this sickness outbreak here in cleveland circle is related at all to the outbreak of e. coli at various chipotle restaurants throughout the country. inspectors do say that preliminary testing confirms norovirus is to blame. nearby boston college say upwards of 80 people got sick and the public health commission says 5 documented cases. chipotle says this issue located -- limited to this one location and work with officials to determine what happened but the public health commission noted three violations in its finding of this location including meat kept at hot but not hot enough temperatures and one employee coming into work sick on thursday. the cleveland circle chipotle was shot down on monday. >> we were told one person -- that the person was sick and at the end of our inspection, employees reported being sick actually came.and said he was sick.
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a violation. >> reporter: health inspectors say their number of 65 documented cases includes bc students and other nonstudent customers. live in cleveland circle, michael henrich, fox25 news. this morning federal agents looking into the san bernandino terror attack are getting new information from a man who purchased two assault rifles used in the shooting. fox news say enrique marquez told investigators that suspect syed farook planned an attack in 2012 but called it off after a series of criminal arrests in california. marquez could face charge for buying the weapons and giving them to farook. they are trying to figure out the source that syed farook received $20,000 and two days later withdrew 10,000. comments of muslims enter comments of muslims entering the u.s. the billionaire will speak
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officers around new england. security is being increased following trump's controversial comment to ban all muslim entering the u.s. and increase surveillance at mosques across america. he responded to critics that he is the worst thing to happen to. >> i am the worst thing that happened to isis. when i fought illegal immigration, two weeks later people were on my side. >> julie: trump denies being a bigo t saying he is a person that has common sense. he responding to a new tweet of him changing parties. trump said 68% would vote for him if he left the republican party and signed on as an independent. he would support the republican nominee and not
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paul ryan says it does not gop. hillary clinton said not just donald trump making anti-muslim comments. the democrat is blaming rivals. >> many of them also said extreme things about muslims. their language may be more veiled than trump but their ideas are not so different. >> daniel: in blog boast she said that ben carson said that a muslim shouldn't be elected president and referenced other comments from candidates. she says trump's plan shameless and dangerous. the primary elections inch closer. today carly fiorina will speak with voters in lebanon and trump is expected to arrive tomorrow. fox25 is following all the developments on air and online developments on air and online. cross examination will continue in the trial of the danvers teenager accused of killing his math teacher.
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their case. his lawyers trying to convince the jury he was delusional and hearing voices when he raped and murdered colleen ritzer. spoke with doctors who say he could be faking his condition. >> did he show signs? >> no, he did not july julie closing arguments friday and then the jury will get a case. we will inform you on our app as soon as as soon as there is a verdict. investigate investigators in franklin have released this video showing a man threatening a clerk with a knife. he jumps the counter, steals nearly $600 and hops to the other side before running off. the entire incident lasted just 40 seconds. a judge says a woman linked to stolen military weapons does not have a mor al weapons does not have a mor al compass. ashley bigsby faces a weapons charge.
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he planned to release bigsby but ruled her dorchester home was not suitable. also say that bigsby makes no serious contribution to the community. man faces serious injuries after getting hit by a red lane train. it happened at the broadway station. the man was trespassing on the inbound track. he was taken to the hospital and no word on his condition. transit police are investigating. now 4:40. a boston woman is accused of killing a man she says tried to kill her. valerie perez is now charged with murder. police say she called 911 yesterday morning and said she chest. when officers arrived at her dorchester apartment, they found a man on the ground and a small knife in the hallway. fox25 learned that the suspect works for college bound dorchester that helps inner city children succeed in a new hampshire father is accused of driving drunk with two children in his pickup.
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christopher surlan with aggravated dwi and endangering the welfare of a child. his truck hit a parked car around 7:15. officers say he drove off but hit another car a few minutes later. he will be arraigned next month. in nashua, new hampshire. a father faces reckless endangerment charges for dangling his daughter over the merrimack river. they saw matthew jordan swinging his 11-month-old daughter and let go of the toddler to take a picture while she clung to the fence. the toddler was okay and was given to her mother when the father was aid -- arrested. checking traffic and weather every ten minutes. zakim bridge, bridge itself wide open. leverett connector looking good as well. the live drive times in a moment. first here is sarah. >> sarah: the temperatures as you head out the do are, 30s, a few 40s. lots of clouds. sunrise 7:01 this morning. by this evening we are still going to be dry. temperatures in the 40s but
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tonight. the risk of showers move in and the full timeline in just a few minutes. a rhode island police department under the microscope this morning. why some say the officers were cyber stalking kids as young as 12. holiday lights are not the
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why a woman i all lanes reopen on 93 north in canton this morning following this massive car fire.
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sent in by a fox25 viewer. the car exploded yesterday afternoon during rush hour and completely gnarled traffic. no injuries were reported and no word how the fire started. the upcoming murder trial of former new england patriot aaron hernandez may be delayed aaron hernandez may be delayed. hernandez is accused of killing two men in boston in 2012. the shootings following an incident inside a nightclub. right now jury selection is expected to begin on january 19 19, but last week, the prosecution and defense filed a joint motion to delay the trial because of a pending appeal over evidence in the case. hernandez is already serving a life sentence for the murder of odin lloyd in 2013. it is rivalry night for bruins and celtics. the bs are in montreal to battle the canadians. montreal is in first place in the eastern conference. meanwhile, the celtics return home after a five-game road trip. derek rose and the chicago bull. the sound of shotgun also no longer be heard in the blue hills. the last two weeks, 200 hunter the last two weeks, 200
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shoot deer in the reservation. the first legalized hunt in more than 120 years. the department of conservation and reservation say 64 deer were killed on the day that hunting was allowed. the goal was to reduce the deer population in the blue hill. neighbors and animal activists protested the plan. winter gear all over the boston common. rebecca doesn't want needy people to be cold this winter so has been tying things like mittens, scarves and gloves all over the park. they come with a sign that says i am not lost. if you were stuck out in the cold, please take what you need to keep warm. she told us why she is doing it. >> some people may be shy and some people might not feel comfortable me handing it to them or asking me for it and asking me what i am doing. i feel it is an open invitation for anyone to come. if they feel comfortable to need. no one is really watching. >> daniel: wow.
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park rangers said she will leave the items out as long as they are not damaging the trees. what a great idea and gesture. >> julie: and she is in the christmas spirit. all right, let's head on out to the roads. do want to let you know that purple icon, the purple line in the traffic flow is the ted williams tunnel westbound ramps are closed just for another ten minutes or so until 5 a.m. from logan, arrival departure level to the westbound tunnel while they do work there. it will reopen in 15 minutes. route 1, 93 south moving along fine. pike wide anticipate from framingham to the easton tolls framingham to the easton tolls. 24 minutes from 495 to mass ave. minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. as you are getting ready to head out the door, no need to grab the scraper. you didn't have any ice. i didn't have any mist. it was decent out there this morning. >> sarah: not the umbrella like yesterday where we needed it with a little bit of a few
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rain. take a look at the rainfall totals. boston picked up a trace but you have to head to the southeast, cape and islands where you saw more of that rain across the region. nantucket over a quarter of an inch as expected. the chance of rain, it is not there for the day today. but it does increase tonight as we are going to start to see winds out of the south start to bring in low-level moisture ahead of a weak cold front. scattered showers hit and miss early tomorrow before we dry out late in the day and, well, friday into the weekend. here is that storm system that brought the rain down across the southeast continuing to pull away. i wish it would take some of the clouds with it but it is not doing so. high pressure to the south, that is our player for the day today keeping us fairly dry and seasonable, but the winds are very light. so the clouds that are in place really can't move too much because there are not winds pushing it out of the way, but as we head toward the west, this is our next storm system.
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eastward. as it does so. the winds will turn out of the south and see breaks in the cloud cover throughout the day today. so taking a closer look. what you can expect stepping out the door right now. we have got some mid -- mainly upper 30s out there. 40s across the southeast. wouldn't be surprised to see temperatures drop a couple of degrees especially if we see any thinning the cloud cover over the next couple of hours before the sun actually rises shortly after 7:00. but then anticipate but then anticipating to see temperatures climb back up into the 40s as we head through the morning into your lunch hour. there could be a few breaks in the cloud cover, but generally we will go with partly to mostly cloudy for the day today. highs a couple of degrees milder than yesterday. boston hit 44. expecting to see about 46, 47 degrees. 4:11 your sunset. we will noticing the clouds thickening up again. notice the highs typical for december if not a few degrees warmer. the winds will turn out of the south. not too bad of a day and not
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we will hold on to the clouds as temperatures fall back into the 30s and 40s. we will also add in the risk of some drizzle of some drizzle fog as we see that moisture move on in ahead of that front. a few scattered showers not out of the question too. especially for the morning hours tomorrow, but boy do we see a change in temperatures. we are going to jump from the upper 40s today to the mid to even upper 50s as we head into some spots tomorrow. hooking at our futurecast, the clouds hanging with us. some thinning and overnight some hints of green indicating the hit and miss showers to the morning commute. you will likely need the umbrella for spots tomorrow, and we will see improvement as we head into the later stages of the day. that seven-kay forecast with your weekend in view. we dry out on friday as temperatures will stay in the mid-50s and upper 50s to near 60s by the weekend, and we are going to really have to watch to see how much sunshine we get because some spots in the low to middle 60s depending on
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nevertheless, another system head our way on monday with rain and windy conditions and ones that system pushes on through, we will be talking about temperatures falling back, well, to where they should be for this time of the year. over to you. swapping out pills for a patch. how doctors say this new form of painkiller help heal and cut down on side effects. coming up next, santa is
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taking his every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds.
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ex-wife of former stone temple pilot scott weiland wrote an emotional letter to his fans. said that they not glorify his death saying his struggle with drugs, anxiety and paranoia. the letter says december 3, 20 the letter says december 3, 2015 is not the day scott weiland died, the official day the public will use to mourn him and the last day he could be propped up in front of the microphone for the financial benefit and enjoyment of others. rolling stone placed the article on facebook. shared more than 50,000 times. state of new hampshire believe over 400 overdose death linked to opioid deaths. they are calling it the most pressing health crisis in the state. the opioid death the opioid deaths are more than twice in 2013. and they want to have a new position to focus on drug cases. in chelsea fire trucks
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eight hours after the truck started to carry the drug, it was used to save a woman's life. the city set aside $125 the city set aside $1 20,000 for the program. neighboring cities of yes the reand revere also supply police and fire fighters with the drug. it is now 4:5537 the co-founder of the north face line dies while kayaking in chile. he was air-lifted after his kayak capsized. five others were not seriously hurt. he was an avid conservation he was an avid conservationist and created a land trust in chile and argentina.he was 72 years old. the standards for the crash testing is getting tougher. the national highway safety administration is making changes to the test a smarter crash test dummy. his neck is more accurate and midsection responds to the seat belt. the test will respond to
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physicalle it possible to for 2018-'19. a donor drops a wedding band and diamond engagement ring in the holiday kettle outside of the market basket on boston road monday night. it is worth roughly $3500. >> it is pretty heartwarming, right, that somebody would give something of a good value give something of a good value, something personal like that of themselves to give to help a lot of toer people who are in need. >> daniel: . >> daniel: last year the salvation army had similar jewelry donation that raised $30,000. they hope to race $3.4 million with the red kettle capital market pain in massachusetts. saint nick getting a new look. meet fashion santa. comedian paul mason developed the idea when he grew a beard. mason has been a model for 30 years and some of his santa look is the same. a white beard, a black belt, but he did make some big changes.
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little confused, but once they think about it for a second, you know, they warm up. i mean i am wearing a velvet jacket. it is for a demo, but i am wearing a velvet jacket. >> julie: cool, fancy. his christmas santa has been a picture in toronto for two years. a mystery on the north shore where a well-known principal is out of the office. parents haven't been found why parents haven't been found why, but fox25 learned when we made some calls. a teenaged girl hides in
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right 5:00, strangers ti right now at 5:00, strangers tie up a pregnant woman inside her house. the search under way for one of those suspects. 80 boston college students get sick from eating at the same restaurant. what health inspector say made them all sick. breaking news overseas this morning.
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